Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yeap,it's September and school has started.Kids are happy to meet their colleagues and learn new things. We are getting ready for a cool fall in Cluj and start off with Septemberfest 2014 .Please come and join us for 2 days of fun and good humor in front of "Horia Demian Sports Hall"/Sala Sporturilor Horia Demian in Cluj.You'll find good food ,beer ,games,toys,mici and all kind of surprises.Join us for two days(19-20TH, sept 2014)of good living in Cluj!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Transilvanian Garlic-Usturoi: A Movie About Friendship and No Prejudicies

The premiere of the long-awaited debut movie Garlic-Usturoi took place last night at Casa Tiff in Cluj-Napoca ,the home of the thirteenth TIFF(Transilvania International Film Festival).The theater was packed with people ready to watch a good story filmed in Transylvania on a low-budget. The producer and screen writer ,Radu Bazavan,known also in the local blogo-sphere as,summarized the plot as a "honest ,simple story that is made for entertainment and does not ask any postmodern complicated questions"The director of the movie ,Lucian Alexandrescu is a Romanian-American citizen who lives in Florida,USA and appeared briefly on FACE Time in front of the spectators . The movie was filmed two years ago but it was edited in stages because of the almost non existent budget that followed the filming sessions in the County of Salaj ,Romania.Beside the two female characters(mother and witch) that were professional actors all other crew ,including the kids were local people and other bloggers from Cluj. The movie projection was a success and the crowd stayed on for a session of QA.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tiff Cluj-The Best East European Film Festival

TIFF 13. With 200 movies and films coming from 55 countries TIFF no.13 is the top festival in Eastern Europe.The complex web of events is well organized and despite of the rain, the film projections are quite a success.Many film directors,famous artists ,photographers and movie lovers swamp the venues and taste the new ,fresh perspectives of the young movie makers. Par excellence, TIFF is a festival dedicated to the young creators ,whether directors ,writers,sound engineers,producers that have in common the passion for creating a relative new perspective in cinema .The festival started on May 30 th and ends on June 8th. A few movie picks:Boyhood(USA,2013),1984(UKA,1984),28 1/2(Germania,2013),Cheatin'(USA,2013),20000 Days on Earth(UK,2013),The Second Game(Romania,2013),Fouristrada(Italy,2013),Heavenly Shift(Hungary,2013),Asmodexia(Spain,2014),The Attorney/Byeon-ho-in.South Korea,2013),The Firemen's Ball(Czech Republic,1967),The Stag(Ireland,2013),The Boxer and Death(Czech Republic,1962),Cal(Ireland,1984),Tracks(Australia,2013) You can also watch low -budget movies like Transylvanian Garlic,2014 and others.Enjoy! If you ask yourself where are the film venues(theaters)here are some indications:Cinema Florin Piersic,Cinema Victoria,Cercul Militar(next to Cinema Victoria),Cinema Arta,Casa Tiff,Universitatea Sapientia and of course the free open air projections in Union Square -right smack in downtown Cluj.See you there!

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Cluj Days" Festival

Another festival kicks in today May ,25th in Cluj Napoca,the heart of Transilvania.Music,dance,opera,cooking shows,guided tours,photography ,street art ,vintage markets,arts and crafts market and a lot of good food from Spain,China,Romania,Italy etc.Stop by tonight in Union square and listen to great rock bands like Cargo and the Romanian pop diva :Loredana.More about the shows you can find here:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photo Romania Festival

The largest photo festival in Eastern Europe just kicked in!Yeah,yesterday,May 16th the well known by now Romania Photo Festival opened its gates in the Central Park in Cluj,the heart of Transilvania,ROMANIA.The festival opened with a concert by Aylin and a few workshops (Introduction to DSLR with Sebastian Vaida,Photography and Light,How to Sell Your Photography with Giussepe Parissi)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Come and See the Air Show

Yep,today(MAY 10th) at 9am starts a new airshow at the local airport in Cluj.If you want to see all kind of air stunts ,the Romanian Acrobatic Planes Team ,helicopters ,fighter jets ,parachutes and have fun outdoors with your family or friends then come and see the airshow in CLUJ at Avram IANCU International Airport.I have to remind you that last year a new ultra modern runaway was built and the airport got a regional fame and importance. You can celebrate Europe's day-the 9th of May- by coming to see the airshow and get a hot-dog and a bag of chips while you watch.Have fun!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

ALBA IULIA -a Premium Experience in Romania

If you visited all Western Europe and are in the lookout for new destinations then choosing Transilvania is a very good option.As I said before all you have to do is to hop on a plane and arrive at the brand new airport in CLUJ,Romania-the heart of Transylvania and the land of the legendary count Dracula.Be advised :bring your sticks and garlic and set out to see great landscapes and marvelous pieces of medieval architecture.Start out in Cluj and go south to reach the Town of ALBA IULIA,one of the best citadels still thriving in Europe.The recent restoration brought back to life the flavor of history.It is amazing to see this Vauban type construction dating from the 18th century and set up by the Austrian empire .The French architect Vauban built it in a diamond shape and added a few layers of security features as you can see in the pictures ;the large trenches sorounding the city red brick walls is just one of them still visible today. Inside the citadel you can see the two cathedrals-Catholic and Orthodox,the Museum of Romanian Unification(1918) and many archeological active sites,great looking buildings.The Orthodox Cathedral was the place where prince Ferdinand was crowned king of Romania in 1921. Other sites you can visit are the city walls with its cute pubs,horses stables ,bridges,fortifications,gates,museums,monuments and nice bronze 18th century soldiers' replicas.Go see for yourself and you wont regret it!I forgot to mention the very decent food prices:3-4 euros for a meal!